An analysis of the character of equality 7 2521 in any rands novel anthem

He now expects to die, alone in the Uncharted Forest, but he does not care.

His only real pain is that he will never see the Golden One again. Mostly, he wonders about the Unspeakable Word, the one idea held by the Evil Ones that has been lost. He runs through the streets of the city, escaping to the Uncharted Forest.

The transgressor seemed noble, and the child had thought that this was the face of one of the Saints about whom children had been taught. Through all the darkness, through all the shame of which men are capable, the spirit of man will remain alive on this earth. Until the age of five, he lived in the Home of the Infants, where he was often punished for fighting.

They were astonished to be addressed by a Street Sweeper, and frightened at the sight of the light he had invented. It is the root of such words as "egoism" and "egotism.

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It may sleep, but it will awaken. Two springs ago, while working as a Street Sweeper, Equality and his friend International accidentally discovered a hole leading to an ancient tunnel.

Anthem: Metaphor Analysis

Not only does Equality now confidently reject the idea that working makes for others make him happy, he also rejects the idea that he needs any justification for being alive at all.

His decision to discard his given name shows his frustration with his society, his unwillingness to be held back among the masses. These are the people who are willing to say things like, "Take our brother Equality to the Palace of Corrective Detention.

He admires her haughtiness and her strength, and he knows she admires the same things in him, but he does not understand why his preference for her is so overpowering.

Clearly, Equality is a genius. He now expects to die, alone in the Uncharted Forest, but he does not care.

Equality is the classic Ayn Rand hero. Collective is shapeless and cowardly, like all members of the World Council. To the young Equalitythis Saint of the Pyre seemed to have gazed at him, picking him out from the crowd of onlookers.

Before they can seize it, he takes it in his arms, smashes the glass of the window with his fist and leaps through it. Equality (Prometheus) The hero of the story.

He is a man of unbending independence living in a dark age of a future totalitarian state. The state commands him to be a Street Sweeper, but he is fascinated by science and secretly performs research on his own.

Equality is a young man who yearns to understand “the Science of Things.” But he lives in a bleak, dystopian future where independent thought is a crime and where science and technology have regressed to primitive levels.

— EqualityAnthem by Ayn Rand. Liberty The Transgressor, or Saint of the pyre, recognizes Equality 's worth even as he burns, and, with his eyes, he asks Equality to carry on his battle and return the Unspeakable Word to the human language.

Equality represents the superiority of a singular intellect to the homogeneity of the masses, who cannot think for themselves and are indistinguishable from one another.

Read an in-depth analysis of Equality Equalitythe hero of Anthem, is twenty-one years old when he escapes to freedom from a totalitarian state. The author of Anthem made the same escape, at the same age. Then, like her hero, she proceeded to rename herself. Alissa Rosenbaum, who became Ayn Rand, was born on February 2,in.

Equality 's Egoism, or "How I learned it's not about We, it's about ME!" Equality 's development as a character throughout Anthem can be seen as a progressive move towards the distinctive way of thinking he discovers and presents in the final chapters of Anthem.

An analysis of the character of equality 7 2521 in any rands novel anthem
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