Personal musings about al gore in the months before the 2000 us election

In the overall campaign, however, voters focused on the central decisions--the direction and leadership of their nation in the new century. Both could read the returns as encouraging portents for the future. But he did not reap votes from those who considered the economy simply "good," or their own situation unchanged see Table 2.

We would not be facing a self-inflicted economic crisis; we would be fighting for middle-income families. Bush had made some efforts to gain more minority votes, giving blacks prominent roles in the party convention and arguing that some of his programs, such as educational testing, would particularly benefit this group.

She retired in A leading conservative intellectual found a "constitutional crisis However, Gore did promote government partnerships with faith-based groups.

White women divided their vote evenly between Bush and Gore, eliminating any net effect on the total vote. Almost years ago, Thomas Edison said, "I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy.

US election: Full text of Al Gore's speech in Denver

When they did Gore conceded like a gentleman and a patriot. The stakes were high—nothing less than the legitimacy of the electoral system hung in the balance. Supreme Court stopped the recount. The congressional revolution ofwhich ended four decades of Democratic control, was maintained into a fourth Republican term.

He lost to George W. Bush not Gore sued to stop recounts in some counties. The correlation with the three-party vote of is. Democrats saw ballot manipulation in the actions of the Florida secretary of state--who was characterized as a "Soviet commissar"--and in the counting of overseas ballots.

But the Bush v. While Gore and Bush received essentially identical support in the total popular vote, they drew this support from very different constituencies. So what can we do about it. In the three television debates, illustratively, he mentioned his party only four times, twice citing his disagreement with other Democrats on the Gulf War, and twice incidentally.

If prosperity held, the ranks of upper-income voters and the entrepreneurial spirit would grow. Two-thirds of the states fall within this range, above or below the national average.

A frequently heard proposal for change within the electoral college is to alter the means of choosing the electors within the individual states, which could be done simply by state legislatures without amending the U.

Al Gore presidential campaign, 2000

Trump, of course, would be within his rights to pursue recounts if the election is close. Yale University Press, No mention of China and their coal production. In the VNS exit poll, approximately half 47 percent of the Nader voters said they would choose Gore in a two-man race, a fifth 21 percent would choose Bush, and a third 32 percent would not vote.

Newspapers announcing the results of the U. The Electoral College The election vindicated the genius of the seemingly plodding institutions of the American republic, the Constitution, and particularly the electoral college. Allowing the recount to go forward, the Court said, would violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

And he may win. Gore shared the prize with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC for sounding the alarm over global warming and spreading awareness on how to counteract it.

No, Donald Trump Isn't Doing What Al Gore Did In 2000

On the national stage, Bush was portrayed in the media as the establishment candidate. All this is very interesting, especially in connection with the ongoing presidential campaign in the United States…the incumbent President [Clinton] also started his political career on money given by Hammer or, in fact, on Soviet money.

On December 13, Clinton's vice president, Al Gore, conceded. Clinton, who was in North Aylesbury, England, would comment on the concession the next morning.

Aug 30,  · Republican Party nominee George W.

Ralph Nader Was Indispensable To The Republican Party

Bush won the presidential election indefeating Democratic Party contender Al Gore in a ballot marred with controversy. In the online survey of a representative national sample of 1, American adults, 67 per cent of respondents who voted in the presidential election say they are confident that.

Everything was fairly normal in the presidential election until about 10 p.m. Eastern on Election Day. Television networks had called the state of Florida for Vice President Al Gore, a. Al Gore waves after addressing the crowd at Invesco Field during the Democratic convention in Denver Photograph: Charlie Neibergall/AP One of the greatest gifts of our democracy is the opportunity.

If Al Gore won in and 9/11 did *not* occur, then would Gore have won re-election in ? What if Al Gore won the presidential election? Would Al Gore have done a better job than George W. Bush in Afghanistan if Gore would have won in and 9/11 would have still occurred afte.

Gore, U.S. 98 (), was a decision of the United States Supreme Court that settled a recount dispute in Florida's presidential election. The ruling was issued on December 12, The ruling was issued on December 12, Full case name: George W. Bush and Richard Cheney, Petitioners v. Albert Gore, Jr.

and Joseph Lieberman, et al.

How Sandra Day O’Connor’s Swing Vote Decided the 2000 Election Personal musings about al gore in the months before the 2000 us election
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