The idea of the christian college

In it he disabuses the reader of erroneously held assumptions about the purpose of Christian education The only real difference is the life of the person creating it. Christian education provides a sense of wholeness, a centered and focused life in the midst of career and social change.

May 07, Zack rated it it was amazing It was enlightening to read this and see so much of my own college education down on the page.

Students must be free to learn for themselves and not be "pontificated" to. This series of assertions is certainly disputable, but the casual reader may not realize how debatable these statements are when he finds absolutely no biblical and theological support.

The distinction between a liberal arts college and vocational schools—seminaries or Bible colleges, for instance, in the Christian tradition—is a very important one.

For Holmes, Christian scholarship depends on the integration of faith and learning. What can be done to encourage in students a thoughtful exploration and construction of a vibrant, lasting, and faithful worldview.

What techniques do you use to convince students of the value of writings that contain much objectionable or unbiblical philosophy, yet which also contain useful information, truth, or at least provocative issues worthy of addressing.

The idea of a Christian college

Are you careful to pause after an in-class question to allow for sufficient thinking time. Holmes reminds us that thinking--reflecting--is needed to find meaning and understanding.

Liberty without loyalty is not Christian, but loyalty without the liberty to think for oneself is not education. Have you discussed Col.

The Idea of a Christian College

Why a Christian College Pages Have you discussed Col. What is the status of your discipline in relation to reason, truth, meaning, and unity.

Can you provide some examples from your own work of the "interpenetration" of Christianity and learning. July 26, These notes were developed as a faculty resource for use when reading and discussing the Holmes book. For this reason and many others building community is important at the Christian university.

Throughout the book Holmes argues that the mark of an educated person is their ability to think creatively for themselves, and the book sets you up well to do just that.

Review: The Idea of a Christian College

In this respect, to me it seems that more important than the question of what is Christian scholarship are questions of what a Christian scholar looks like, what the role of scholarship in the life of the Christian is, and what sort of environment can best cultivate and articulate answers to these questions.

What techniques or educational experiences do you use that encourage students to be shapers of culture rather than passive participants in it?.

The Idea of a Christian College is a concise work that kind of lays out why we have Christian colleges. In the first few pages, Arthur Holmes is quick to point out what the Christian college is not: a defender of the faith, a good education with Bible classes and chapels, or /5(26).

May 20,  · The Idea of a Christian College by Arthur F. Holmes My rating: 4 of 5 stars I’m still not convinced there is such a thing as “Christian scholarship.” A weak version of the definition of such a thing might be that it is simply the recognition that all scholars.

Aug 12,  · Holmes, Arthur F. The Idea of a Christian College. Revised edition.

The Idea of a Christian College

Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, pp. $ Introduction Arthur F. Holmes’ The Idea of a Christian College offers a proposal for how a liberal, Christian education should be defined and practiced. This revised edition comes more than ten years after the.

His book The Idea of a Christian College () was standard reading on many campuses and helped introduce students, staff, and faculty to the conversation about faith and learning and the implications of that conversation for the Christian college.

However, a lot has changed since Art wrote this book. The Idea of a Christian College [Todd Ream] is 20% off every day at InArthur F. Holmes published The Idea of a Christian College.

At the time he could not have imagined his book would gather such a large. The Idea of a Christian College has ratings and 14 reviews. TK said: If you are looking for a book that infuses the idea of what Christian thought /5.

The idea of the christian college
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Notes for The Idea of a Christian College